Smart Manufacturing

Today – IoT Manufacturers Face Multi-Faceted Challenges


  • How can the manufacturer secure interfaces with partners, sub-contractors and vendors for manufacturing?  

  • How to deliver an IoT-based manufacturing environment that can be monitored for performance, while providing the end user with access control and accessibility while not exposing proprietary information of the manufacturer, protecting the personal information of the end user while interfacing with all the necessary back-end applications and systems within the manufacturing ecosystem to provide the best possible service, yet still provide the end user with the highest assurance possible in their home network?

  • How to create a framework where devices and systems are open and accessible to interface with other devices and systems while protecting manufacturer proprietary methods and information? Is Working To Solve Smart Manufacturing Security Challenges is working with academic, government, and industry experts to address these challenges.  By leveraging our years of developing and fielding government secure communications solutions, has derived a way to:

  • Put sophisticated access control and network security processes into an easy to use format that ANY end user can control

  • Provide the ability to "nest" control in a hierarchy so that a multi-directional / multi-tenant scenario can be addressed using an open standard process that can be adopted and adapted by any vendor.

Working with our academia, industry and government partners, we are in process of developing our advanced platform prototype which will:

  • Interface with and secure the manufacturer of an embedded IoT system

  • Leverage the security infrastructure so that elements of the authentication and authorization can be used across all aspects of the manufacturing ecosystem

The end goal of this joint effort is to establish methods and systems necessary to deliver an Open Source framework that can be used by any manufacturer or vendor.

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