SCOUT (Secure Communications Over Untrusted Transport) provides highly secure communication capability over any network of opportunity (e.g. Public Internet, Satellite, Private Network, WiFi, Mobile, Mesh Networks, and more).  SCOUT is an on-demand infrastructure created to facilitate secure communications between parties. 


SCOUT establishes a secure enclave over any network of opportunity and leverages commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.  Once a virtual peer-to-peer or peer-to-multiple peer tunnel is established, SCOUT becomes a transport for most TCP/IP applications such as:

  • Text messaging

  • Video and Image transmission

  • Securing control of remote devices

  • Data transmission

  • Secure voice communications

SCOUT Sets Itself Apart...

  • All communications are stood up and broken down in real time and removed instantaneously

  • No special-purpose network infrastructure, administration or authorization is needed

SCOUT works with most peer-to-peer or multi-peer applications such as VOIP, Chat, SIP, Video, and Data.  SCOUT also supports the following platforms:  Android, Ubuntu, and Linux (Windows and iOS supported in 2018).  

SCOUT is customizable to support any mission requirement such as Law Enforcement and First Responder use cases where secure communications are required.

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