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SCOUT Overview

SDSE's software-only, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) platform, SCOUT, automatically applies user/endpoint-specific network policy and automates the PKI certificate management lifecycle process to deliver secure encrypted data transport and network micro-segmentation, authorizing only those users allowed by network policy to access other endpoints & resources on the network. SCOUT tightly, and easily integrates with existing services and other 3rd party solutions to provide the following capabilities:

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Single Solution to Address Many Security Use Cases - VPN, IoT, Mobile, 5G, Edge
Easily Integrate With Existing Endpoint, Network, Service, or Application
Eliminate Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
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Ephemeral PKI Certs For Each New Connection Eliminates Legacy Key Managment
Reduce Security Operations and Hardware Costs By Eliminating Legacy Hardware and Reducing Administrative Staff LOE
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SCOUT Agents Deployable to Virtually Any OS - Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, RTOS, and Cloud Containers
Layer 3, Network-Level IPsec Based AES 256 Encryption
Lock Down Public Facing Networks to Prevent Unauthorized Access and Make Endpoints Invisible to Attacks
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Overview Video

SCOUT Use Cases

SCOUT is a single, software-based security solution to address multiple, enterprise mission security use cases to include - VPN, IoT, Micro-segmentation, Sensors, Mobile Devices, 5G, and Edge Computing

Secure Communications

MOBILE DEVICES: Secure specific applications or entire phone an any available network, cell service or other transport.

Secure communications over untrusted cell services such as Huawei.

SCOUT Differentiators

SCOUT has unique capabilities to set it apart from the competition.  This means enhanced security capabilities for your enterprise mission operations, and major cost savings by eliminating legacy hardware, associated licensing costs and staff administrative and operational costs.

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You Control All Aspects of How SCOUT is Deployed, Managed and Operated in Your Cloud or On-Prem.

No Routing Through Vendor Owned or Controlled Infrastructure.

Licensed IP That Seamlessly Integrates Into Your IT

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Ephemeral Certificates Issued for Each New Connection

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Eliminates Legacy Key Management Reduces Cost, Management, and Attack Surface

Endpoint Connections are Direct
Peer-to-Peer and Multi-Peer

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Eliminates Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Reduces Latency Eliminating Concentrators/Routers & Hairpinning Between Endpoints, and 

Network Bandwidth Constraints

and Costs

Layer 3 Security Solution

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Network-layer encryption of all data in/out of device for SCOUT-enabled apps.

Endpoints Validated Every Time a Connection is Established

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Implements Zero Trust Best Practice

Enforces Policy Changes in Real Time

Integrates With 3rd Party Policy, Monitoring and Management Platforms



Network devices, applications, and services invisible to attackers by locking down public facing networks.

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