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John C. Reece 


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Mr. Reece has a distinguished career spanning 60 years at the highest levels of public and private enterprise.  Mr. Reece brings key insights into delivering critical solutions to SDSE’s growing client base, derived from decades of practical experience in both industry and government. 

After a long career in the U.S. Government, Mr. Reece founded JCRA, LLC where he advised both government and commercial enterprises.  His clients include: DHS, CHP, EOP and the DEA.  In addition, the former Time Warner Inc., Intel, Unisys, SafeNet, and Lexmark were also advised through a series of engagements.  Mr. Reece’s prior government service included roles as Deputy Commissioner for Modernization & Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the IRS, as well as senior roles at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

A graduate of Northwestern University, Mr. Reece remains a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute, a leading privacy and security services firm. 

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