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Dennis V. Pollutro

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Dennis V. Pollutro, Co-Founder and President brings more than two decades of success in creating value from successful technology startups including: founder, inventor of multiple technologies, and a partner in a venture capital fund investing in early-stage companies.  Mr. Pollutro has worked with the U.S. Intelligence Community extensively throughout his career.  He has been instrumental in identifying high-value technologies, which he has helped to commercialize. He is an expert in the cybersecurity space, as well as Radio Frequency (RF) systems and lawful intercept. 

Mr. Pollutro’s history includes author of 15 US patents, 1 international patent, and 1 currently published US patent for SDSE Networks Inc., Senior Director, R&D, Intelligent Decisions, Inc., Founding member, COO and President of Taasera, Inc., VP, Federal Sales, and then CEO of AirPatrol Corporation, Partner in FCI Commercialization Fund 1, founder, co-inventor and VP of Government Solutions of Applied Identity, CEO and Chairman of Synctomi, CTO and Technical Evangelist for iSite.  He has been a consultant to the IC and DoD throughout his career, was an early leader in creating Internet communities, and was one of the first team members of the Internet Watch program.

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