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Brigitta Baugher Rubin


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Brigitta Baugher Rubin is the Chief Executive Officer of Reinforced Filament, a materials engineering start-up.  With decades of experience in and out of government, Brigitta is able to provide the leadership team with critical guidance in matters pertaining to matters within the IC and related commercial enterprises. 

A long-time entrepreneur, Ms. Rubin began her career at Sandia National Labs where she transitioned to the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA) and MITRE Corporation.  She maintains Board level roles with Army RDT&E, Systems Acquisition & Logistics (BARSL), and OUSD 5G.

Ms. Rubin is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, where she earned a Master's degree in Management, and the University of New Mexico where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree. 

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