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About SDSE

Our Mission:  Securing authorized access to federal networks, endpoints, and services.

Our Story:

SDSE Networks was founded in 2014 to deliver secure communications technologies to address unique requirements from U.S. Government customers, for easily
configurable, software-only solutions enabling highly secure communications over public networks anywhere in the world, operating on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
(COTS) devices.

SDSE’s SCOUT (Secure Communications Over Untrusted Transport) platform was fielded in 2016. Since then, continuous evolutions of additional functionality, extensive scalability, fault tolerance and self-healing allow us to deliver a versatile, highly adaptable Layer 3 Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) platform that manages and automatically enforces endpoint policy and connectivity at-scale, and leverages a PKI certificated process to enable on-demand strongly encrypted data transport and fine grain network micro-segmentation to tightly integrate into your cloud, networks and services fabric.

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, SDSE is a small business with a team of world-class software and DevOps engineers and crypto SMEs with real-world use case experience. SDSE takes pride in our success in addressing the specialized needs of our customers, with rapid development and fielding of mission-specific capabilities to solve unique agency mission requirements

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