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Ensuring Authorized Access to Networks, Endpoints, and Services to Strengthen National Security and Citizen Privacy


SDSE is proud to announce the patent for SCOUT was published onApril 24th, 2023 for METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SECURE COMMUNICATIONSPatent Number: US 11,621,945 B2

The Work Paradigm Has Changed

Work From Home, Workers-on-the-Go, Edge Compute, Cloud Computing, Hardware Availability Issues, and Fewer Skilled Resources Means More Attack Surfaces and Greater Potential for Vulnerabilities

Secure Work Wherever Work Happens


Work happens everywhere – home offices, at 35,000 feet, in the car, or on the beach – all across the globe.

Bad Actors Getting Smarter


Bad actors add to the threat landscape whether internal or from  nation states and their capabilities are growing at ever increasing rates.

Legacy Systems Are Costly 


Legacy VPN systems are costly to procure and maintain. In addition, routing back through VPN concentrators reduces routing efficiency and raises enterprise network costs.


Standard key management just adds to the complexity of supporting these systems and processes.

SCOUT changes the way you think about securing your networks, endpoints, and data in motion.

SDSE's software-only, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) platform, SCOUT, manages and automatically enforces network policy, automating the PKI certificate process to deliver point-to-point secure encrypted communications and data transport, with network micro-segmentation enforcing authorized endpoints.


SCOUT tightly integrates with our enterprise customer's existing services through a robust API for easy integration with existing systems & 3rd party components. SCOUT is delivered into your cloud, network or data center as licensed IP.

SCOUT is a Single Solution to Address Your Enterprise Security Use Cases

VPN Replacement

Mobile Security

IoT and Sensors


5G and 
Edge Compute

Automatically Enforce Endpoint Policy and Connectivity at Scale

Automatically apply network policy and automate the PKI certification process to provide On-Demand encrypted data transport and network micro-segmentation

Use Cases For Your Enterprise

Businesses are turning to multiple cloud services to manage a wide range of applications, resulting in a convoluted infrastructure for communicating, sharing data, and securing sensitive information. Utilizing SCOUT, you can create a secure VPC boundary that spans multiple cloud providers while enabling a Zero Trust security posture for the following use cases:

VPN Replacement 

SCOUT can replace your existing or planned legacy VPN solutions and eliminate the need and associated costs of VPN hardware, endpoint licenses, and operations and maintenance. One SCOUT agent on the endpoint supports multiple simultaneous encrypted connections.

See how SCOUT as a VPN provides Greater Security at Less Cost in the video to the right.

Zero Trust Agency Compliance

On May 12, President Biden signed Executive Order 14028, “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity” to support our nation’s cybersecurity and protect the critical infrastructure and Federal Government networks underlying our nation’s economy and way of life.

Are You Ready To Address Your Agency's Zero Trust Objectives? 

Click the links below to access key directives and strategies from OMB, CISA, and NIST and how SCOUT addresses key NIST Zero Trust Use Cases and to Download the SDSE Networks’ Whitepaper how SCOUT addresses the NIST Zero Trust Architecture Use Cases.

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